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       LowKii Board Co. is an independent skateboard company based out of Atlanta, GA. What began as a movement to motivate peers and younger generations, soon combined with our love for skateboarding. We introduced ourselves into the skateboarding community summer 2014 with our own line of American Maple 7 ply decks. In the beginning decks were painted by staff members, and we aimed to bring you illustrations that combine an urban/suburban feel with a splash of nostalgia and anime.Since then we have transitioned to printed decks.     


 Our princlples are Progresssion and Style. 


    Progression; We encourage our riders and customers to ALWAYS put their best foot forward, not just in skating, but in all life's challenges. The focus is not to be the best, but to be a better YOU than yesterday. If you're constantly making progress, your efforts will not go unnoticed! 


  Style; Its not about what you do, or what you wear. Its how you do it, how you wear it ! We believe style comes from confidence, and we want our riders and consumers exude that when using or wearing our merchandise.



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